Pancho Alcaine, AEC

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Director of Photography in more than two thousand commercials internationally and over twenty music-videos.


Advertising directors he has worked with:

Martin Aamund, David Alcalde, Roberto Aguilera, Agustín Alberdi, Sebastian Alfie, Cali Ameglio, Dani Azancot, Dani Benmayor, Chuck Bennet, Agustín Berrueco, Ben West, Andrea Bielsa, Zoran Bihac, Alberto Blanco, Markus Blunder, Armando Bo, Matteo Bonifacio, Simon Brand, Marcelo Burgos, Wilfrid Buch, Miguel Campaña, Giuseppe Capotondi, Chusy, Blake Claridge, Fabrice Coton, Samuel Crawford, Carole Denis, Kevin Donovan, Mona El Mansouri, Steve Eshelman, FELO, Félix Fernández de Castro, Alexandra Fisher, Ferragut, Augusto Fraga, Lluis Freixas, Nacho Gayán, Ginesta, Niels Gråbøl, Angel Gracia, Sebástien Grousset, Andreas Hoffman, Eivind Holmboe, James Holt, Gabe Ibáñez, Martin Jalfen, Anders Jedenfors, Gevorg Karensky, Kike Maíllo, Michio Machida, Carlos Manga, Fabrizio Mari, Vinil Mathew, Nicotine, NYSU, Los Pérez, Joel Pront, Eugenio Recuenco, Denis Rovira, David Rhüm, Salto Brothers, Paul Santana, Albert Saguer, Astrid Sterner, Bruce St Clair, Jakob Strom, Micky Suelzer, Alejandro Toledo, Fran Torres, Enrico Trippa, Aitug Ungor, Rodrigo Valdés, Mike Valentine, Miko Van Gastel, Martin Werner and Theresa Wingert, among others.


Technical experience in Film & Digital Cinematography:

- Visual FX: Motion control (MILO, BOLT HS) , Mattes, Plate and scale cinematography, Blue & green screen.

- Aerial: Drones, Cineflex, Tyler mounts, Spacecam.

- Auto: Russian arm, Scorpio arm, Ultimate arm, Camera car, RC systems, FF features.

- Remote head operating: stabilized, 2 & 3 axis, gear head.

- VR 360 degrees (also with 3D rigs).

- Dome cinematography.

- High speed: Phantom, Weisscam, Photosonics.

- Stop motion.

- Macro cinematography.

- Virtual and Mixed reality set.


International experience:

All Europe, U.S.A., Russia, China, Japan, India, Turkey, Ukraine, U.A.E, Lebanon, South Africa, Marocco, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Cuba




In his first approach to the cinema industry Pancho Alcaine worked as a 2nd assistant and focus puller in motion pictures and commercials (1986-1990).


Right afterwards he joined the American Film institute in Los Angeles (1990-1992), where he graduated with a Master in Cinematography, with a Fulbright scholarship.


In Europe and the U.S. he has worked as cinematographer of five feature films, twenty five shorts and two featurettes, most of them awarded in different International Festivals, including some best photography mentions and also nominations and awards from the Spanish Film Academy.


Early on 2015 he is been involved on the event “Hologram demonstration”, capturing the hologram protesters to be merged in front of the Spainish Congress. This campaign has received 16 Lions  at the 2015 Cannes Festival.



Recently he has also shot for MINI two featurettes in Virtual Reality 360 stereoscopic 3D. It’s been made by an array of 9 RED DRAGON cameras, also combined with GOPRO’s rig. Press here for link of the two films


Pancho Alcaine is an active member of the Spanish Society of Cinematographers (AEC).



Pancho Alcaine, AEC